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  • Sonia

    Hello Susanna-danna,

    Body much more relaxed… now, what about calming the mind? Meditate, I know!! 😉
    You may be hearing from a co-worker named Brian soon… he may also need something to help quit smoking.


  • Sonia,
    Hope you are feeling better. To help calm your mind use the five flower formula I sent you. Spray it or drop it if I gave you the dropper bottle under your tong. On a very stressful day you can use it every hour if you need to. It will take a little while for you to notice an effect. It is subtle, but after awhile things will not stress you as much, you will find yourself not being effected as much by outside pressures. Stay with it, the more you use it, the more effect it will have on you. There are no side effects and there are no chemicals in it. Did you receive the package I sent with the flora sleep and the sacred heart. Read the information I sent with it so you can see all the benefits you can achieve if you use them. Take care Susanna

  • Thanks for this great blog post Susan. Very interesting!

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