Curing Asthma with Flower Essence Therapy

An Asthma Free Life

The Benefits of Flower Essences in Healing Asthma

Having had asthma since I was two years old, I’ve struggled with being able to breathe fully, and sometimes not at all without chemical intervention. Over the years I’ve tried many things to cure my asthma, not just to treat the symptoms, but to actually heal the problem. The only method I’ve found that actually healed the asthma was flower essences.

Drug Free Benefits of Flower Essence Therapy

Drugs have their place for treating acute symptoms, but fall woefully short when it comes to healing and actually bringing the body, mind, spirit back into a full state of harmony and health. One of the best benefits to treating asthma and many other health ailments with flower essence therapy is that the flower essences support the body with no negative allopathic side effects.

Emotional States and Their Effect on Asthma

Because of the individualized nature of flower essence therapy, no two people are treated exactly alike. In other words, no one size fits all. In some cases, an asthma attack may be brought on by feelings of grief, fear, alienation, or anxiety. Asthma often has its roots in some kind of emotional trauma such as experiencing a divorce of one’s parents as a child, fear of abandonment or conflict within the family in which case treatment would begin by addressing the underlying issues of fear and inhibited self-esteem.

Environmental Factors and Asthma

Inversely, asthma may be caused primarily by environmental factors such as mold or toxic substances such as harsh chemical cleaners, asbestos, particle board, or paint. Removal of the substances alone may not be sufficient in alleviating the asthma altogether, and flower essence therapy may be the only way to achieve full harmony within the body, mind, and soul.

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