What is Reiki?

Reiki is a vibrational energy healing method that can address physical, mental, and emotional issues.  There is an innate wisdom from the Reiki energy that knows where the issues originated from and goes directly to those areas.  Like an onion with many layers of skin to be peeled off, the Reiki energy gradually, over time, releases blockages that are holding old beliefs and traumas within the body.  When your energy is low or blocked, it is more difficult to deal with stress,  which puts you at risk for disease.  As the blockages are released the body has the opportunity to begin healing itself.  Reiki is also successful in the treatment of animals.



What is a Session Like?


The client lies, fully clothed, on a massage table while a Reiki practitioner places their hands at locations around the head and shoulders, the abdomen and on the legs and feet. The practitioner’s hands are held at each location gently touching or slightly away from the body. The Reiki energy flows from the practitioner’s hands into the client’s body and energy field. Clients have reported feelings of peace, calm, and complete relaxation. A session usually lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.


“The first day [after my Reiki session] I immediately noticed a completely calm and peaceful feeling… I usually worry about a lot of things, and I noticed my mind had stopped all the chatter. I had muscle cramps and pain and after treatment with you, they are gone and have not returned.  Thank you for introducing me to this natural healing method.” -Shirley N.


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